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You find yourself on the ultimate quest to join Günthers very private birthday party!

The most realistic RPG title in 2021. 

Making 3D assets was too much effort... so we did live action instead.

Immersive - yes
Realistic graphics - yes
In depth character development - no

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)


gamejam_build.zip 274 MB


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Your game is so great!

I'd like to make a small donation if you don't mind, could you let me know if there is a contact point?

Hmmm... interesting... something about this style you did, thing is we can collab, as I have professional photography and film kit, I can totally get behind this style and polish this type of "Video" into a game, nothing beats the real sceneries of the real world, and would actually give me a use to actually use my $60K worth of equipment in a collab with you. I never done a game like this before but you can direct it the 1st time in the collab but yeah this reminds me like the minecraft in real life parody stuff so totally doable and viable in an actual game as these are considered playable games FYI and there not many existing. If we can collab on something like this then amazing I won't disappoint as I have the equipment and the skills to use my equipment.

Possibly one of the greatest RPGs of our generation. Party on! Will be checking out my local park for hidden raves

Hahaha, this game is so interesting. Play with your friends

That was amazin

Show post...

AHHAH DAMN so funy weird ..wait full storu :é

its really fun thanks for game