A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to LURCHVOLUTION, which is:

- a jump n run without running

- a dating sim without dating

- a game jam game and thus riddled with bugs and other nonsense

And a epic game about facing  challenges and evolving

You can mate with the cubes that are placed around the level to gain new abilities(to use the sticky ability, you need to face the wall you want to stick to, while jumping at it)

- of course some lovely last minute bugs happened, which we weren´t able to fix, these include:

  1. After entering the last cave in the game, the Lurch(You ;)) will die of fall damage
  2. The rainforest can be a little bit dark at the beginning, but it will lighten up after you passed an invisible Trigger before the third platform(light green colour)
  3. Somewhere some placeholder images krept in, have fun finding them ;)

We hope you have as much fun playing the game as we had making it

Have fun :)


Lurchvolution_build.zip 23 MB

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